Your Daily Sanity Savers

3 Quick Tools

2 short movement videos

Do #1 at work to quickly "Hit Reset"
Do #2 at home to "Settle" your brain & body

1 breath training video 

Breath patterns that instantly calm your nervous system

It's all below. Just scroll, watch and take action!

1. Hit Reset

Moves for Work.

All you need is 2 minutes and a little standing space

 Quickly drop stress & renew your energy. Do this 2-3x every day.

Step by Step Guide. Downloadable PDF Click HERE

2. Settle

Stop, drop and roll twice a day. Right after you get home and just before you leave for work.

3 minutes will quickly rinse your brain & body.

Follow for up to 10 minutes if possible ** Modifications for plank position on PDF Guide below**

Step by Step Guide. Downloadable PDF Click HERE


Your instant chill pill

This 5 minute video teaches you the science behind two simple breath drills.

In the toughest of times, with just 20 seconds,you can calm your nervous system & move on better.

Practice these 3x daily.

Downloadable Science Backed Guide Click HERE